Are You Too Dependent on Technology?

Last week, my phone died. My phone was on the brink of dying for a while and it was acting all sorts of catawampus, but I hoped to extend it until at least October so I could have an upgrade for my birthday. Of course, during the middle of my son’s preschool performance (I’m glad I was able to snap some pics prior. See below), my phone died.

So, for an entire week, I was without a phone until my new one was delivered. While I love, love, LOVE, my iPhone 7 Plus, I learned a good lesson…

Am I too dependent on insta-technology?


I have numerous apps on my phone and they all do a variety of things – banking app, makeup app, photography app, gaming app, meditation app, transit app, etc. You get the picture. I can’t even tell you how many apps I have, but I’m sure the number is close to 50. Yeah, I have that many.

While I was bummed I couldn’t access some of the apps I used and it made driving a bit of a challenge since I depend on my navigation app, I quickly got accustomed to not having a phone.

And the thought of it was a bit scary.

I was able to concentrate on writing more. I actually bought a planner and began to use it (the utilization is the important part of this story). I was more creative in preparing dishes for dinner. I actually got to do a chunk of household chores.

I…had a life?


It was a realization that maybe I was too dependent on my phone. Sure, I love taking pics of Bear and keeping in contact with friends and family. But a lot of the time – and I’ll be frank – I was really posting bullshit. Does everyone really need to know what I had for lunch? Do I need to show what I’m listening to? Do I have post these memes?


Not only that, but do I have to go on all of these social media websites I belong to? If I don’t post in a while, will people notice? Will I gather more interaction? I quickly found out, that’s true! When I posted on IG for the first time in a week, that lone post had more interaction than anything else I posted previously.

I actually allowed people to miss me. Heh.


Now, don’t get me wrong. If you do those things, I’m not coming down on you. In fact, I’ll still do those things. But not having a phone made me realize what was important and exactly how much time I waste trying to be a social content creator and not a person who’s just living life.

For now, as I shop for cute little cases of my new iPhone and explore all of the nifty things it can do, I’ll keep in mind that while I’m out here creating content, I should also put down the phone and enjoy life.

And as promised….let me present to you, Superhero Bear:


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