Oh, Shea Moisture…Even though we’re fighting, I still love you.


So, I’m sure you’ve heard by now the major faux pas done by Shea Moisture. If you haven’t heard, here’s a brief refresher:

They posted this ad, which is harmless on the front of it. Of course, the core Shea Moisture demographic are black women who look more like me and less like a biracial woman with Type 3 hair. And naturally, darker-skinned black women with Type 4 hair have experienced hair hate in terms of being called nappy-headed, not getting jobs, etc.

You see where this is going? It wasn’t a good look for Shea Moisture.

Now, I was disappointed when I saw the commercial. As I kept watching it and hoping to find someone who resembled me and became more than a bit irritated when a white woman would compare how much she hated her red hair when I had to deal with finding the perfect wig for my corporate job because I didn’t want to risk being fired.

However…I’ll keep using their products and so will my family.

Yes. My stance is different from the wildly popular cancelled or calling them ashy and refuse to support ever again. I know I might be in the minority and I might even lose some followers for my stance.

Honestly, my only reaction is:


I don’t like being angry at people or at corporations. I don’t like being angry, period. And it’s taken me some time to realize I can separate being disappointed with being angry. I think with society and everyone caught up in the group-think of ‘Since everyone is mad, I should be, too’ it becomes dangerous.

It’s also pretty stupid.

When Shea Moisture issued their apology, I thought it was done. They realized their error, are in the process of correcting it, and we should all move on.

So, why are people still angry? What’s the point of it?

If they have another commercial with a black woman prominently featured, they’re going to receive criticism of being too late and trying too hard.

And people will still be angry.

It’s something that typically happens when a black-owned business expands. People are happy for them as long as they still cater to their core audience. So, when the core audience isn’t being catered to anymore, people feel the brand “sold out” and stop using them. This generally happens with a lot of black artists and creatives as well. We’re stuck between catering to the demographic that made us, and wanting to expand to reach a bigger audience.

While I support Shea Moisture’s “break the walls” campaign, I also feel this is a major faux pas in generally a great company. While I wasn’t a fan of their products at first, I became one, though I also review many other black-owned hair and body products as well. (And for those who will ask, I love Camille Rose and As I Am.)

In terms of the commercial, it would’ve been nice to see an ad with a black woman with kinky-tight 4C hair talk about how she has struggled with her hair and how Shea Moisture made it easier for her to do deal with. It would’ve been nice to see a black man with locs talk about how he couldn’t find the right loc oil and Shea Moisture was the only solution. It would’ve been nice to see a white woman with a biracial child, talk about how it was so hard to manage her child’s hair until they discovered Shea Moisture.

Hell, I just gave them some great ideas! Why aren’t working for Shea Moisture?



In conclusion, I refuse to give any negative energy to a corporation that made a bad mistake. I love their bronzer and their body oil. I just picked up some shampoo and conditioner the other day for review and still have every intention of using both bottles until they’re empty.

What Shea Moisture did was stupid, thoughtless, and downright hurtful to their base. But I can forgive them, move on, and continue to use their products. I hope others will, too.


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