Natural Hair Care Review: Eva NYC


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary sample of Eva NYC on behalf of Influenster. All opinions are mine. 

Whenever I hear about a hair company that brags that their product is for all hair types, I’m skeptical. Let’s face it, Type 4 hair isn’t the same manageability as Type 2 or Type 3. Thick, coarse, and textured are usually the descriptions that come to mind.

So, when Eva NYC claimed they could cleanse and moisturize all hair types, well, I was up for the not-so Pepsi challenge.

Let’s start this review with the actual products themselves.

First, the shampoo and conditioner smells clean. There’s a bit of a flowery fragrance but not too hard on your nose. The shampoo does lather well and the conditioner has great slip. Based on that, I think this is a great product.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. How did it look on hubby’s Type 2 hair?


Very nice and clean! He liked it and had no issues.

Now what about Bear’s Type 3 hair?


It cleaned his hair very well and brought out more of his curls! (I’ll do a follow-up review on Curls blueberry leave-in conditioner.)

Now for the biggest test, my hair:


The shampoo cleaned well, however, this product does have silicones and it made my hair feel waxy.  The conditioner had great slip, though.

So, what’s the final review?


  • It’s affordable. I found it on Amazon for $9.00 each. It’s also available at Ulta.
  • For Type 2 and 3 hair, the shampoo cleans very well.
  • The conditioner has great slip for all hair types.
  • It’s easy on the nose.


  • It contains silicones so if you have Type 4 hair, it might make your hair feel waxy.
  • You might use a lot more conditioner and shampoo if you have a lot of hair.

Final Thought:

I do recommend this! So, go pick up a bottle!




So this past week, I received my #CharmVoxBox from Influenster. (Disclaimer: I received this for free and all opinions are mine.) I’m super excited about trying this and I’ve already reviewed a few things!

The Mott’s Apple Sauce is actually something we buy on our own! Bear and Maks loved it and it’s a staple in our home!

The McCormick Organics seasoning was interesting. I can’t say I would purchase it again as I like my seasoning a lot more favorable but I did use it to make pasta.

Over the next few days, I’ll review more from my VoxBox! If you received one, what did you think of it?

Is Cottonelle Glorious and Perfect for Your Hiney? #onamegaroll

Disclaimer: I’d received this complimentary sample of Cottonelle Mega Roll Clean Care for an honest review. 

I have to admit: Just like everyone in the world, I’m pretty protective of my butt.

You sit on it. It helps your legs to move. You shake it to a funky beat.


Most of all, you tend to take care of it with the right kind of toilet paper.

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, ‘Toilet paper is toilet paper.’ Uh, no, bullshit. You can definitely tell the difference between two-ply that was sent down by God Himself and one-ply a lumberjack just chopped up from his backyard and gives you a look that reads, ‘And you will deal.’

Anyway…so courtesy of Influenster, I received a Cottonelle sample of their newest product – the MegaRoll Clean Care with Ripple Effect. My, that is a mouthful.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I opened the box so I was very surprised to see how generous the great folks over at Cottonelle were!


Free toilet paper and a coupon? Score!


Now, I won’t mention the product I normally use but I will say in comparison, I was a little taken aback by the Cottonelle ripples. I wasn’t too sure if my hiney would like it. Furthermore, I wasn’t too sure if my face would like it, neither, since I often use toilet paper to help remove makeup.

The only way to know for sure is to test, right?



The toilet paper is thick, 2-ply. It’s also pretty strong.  The ripples might seem like a deterrent at first but you’ll realize there’s a reason why they exist.


I did get this for free but it’s listed for under $20 at Amazon. It’s also available at Target and Wal-Mart.


None. Great for your nose!


It’s great on your hiney and face! When I removed my makeup, the ripples really got everything and it felt smooth on my eyes. Bonus!

My Review:


  • Thick, won’t tear.
  • Ripples are amazing.
  • Cottonelle is a strong brand with a great reputation.
  • Six mega rolls will last at least a month if you have a small family. Even longer if it’s just you or you and your partner.


  • Not as smooth. (Cottonelle does make an ultra version of the same product.)
  • Ripples might be a deterrent at first.
  • The pricing point might be a bit of a stickler for some.

In conclusion, I do recommend Cottonelle’s Mega Roll Clean Care! Go get you some!

Shout-out to Influenster and Cottonelle for the opportunity. Much appreciated!