Our First Pysanka Festival


Over the weekend, we visited the Ukrainian Culture Center here in L.A. for their Easter festivities. There were no Easter bunnies but there were plenty of eggs (eggs are a huge thing in the Ukrainian culture).

We went to enjoy some great entertainment and food (oh m gee…the food was bomb!). Bear wasn’t interested in face painting but he took in all of the sights and sounds. Maks spoke with an Ukrainian soldier who fought in the conflict (see picture below).

I didn’t get to practice my Russian, which I should’ve. Missed opportunity! Next time for sure!

We picked up a few things for Bear, who made out like a bandit. And I finally have my first set of Ukrainian Christmas ornaments! Sweet!


The inside of the Center is stunningly beautiful with the colors of Ukraine, blue and gold.


There were numerous vendors there selling a variety of homemade items and things from Ukraine. We picked Bear up a couple of shirts:

And The Three Little Pigs!

It’s his first pop-up book! So sweet. We never had personal pop-up books when we were kids.

As I mentioned above, Maks spoke with an Ukrainian soldier who is in L.A. for rehabilitation.


The food was slammin’! I wish I took a picture of it:


And I finally have my Ukrainian Christmas ornaments. It’s never too early to go shopping for Christmas!

It was a very fun event. We were pretty emotionally spent from it but we had a lot of fun! And of course, Bear stole the show:



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