Chalk and Crayons

Lately, I’ve been teaching Bear more of his numbers, shapes, and colors, in addition to what he learns at school. I’m proud to say now he can count up to 30 and he knows his American alphabet pretty well.

While he’s at school part-time, he’s with me (us) full-time for the remaining days of the week. We don’t want him to be overly dependent on his iPad and TV but it’s hard to keep a toddler active.

Enter chalk and bath crayons.

One day, Bear and I were just bored and while we couldn’t go too far (I was doing laundry), I wanted to incorporate a lesson plan. So we decided to go over colors, shapes, and numbers.


This was a rather neat activity for him because he learned by jumping on each chalk outline, what he was stepping on. Very cool!

And when Bear couldn’t go outside, well, we brought the party inside:


I attempted to draw a sky and sun, along with flowers. We also learned our numbers again.


Of course, I also attempted to draw grass. God gave me the ability to write, not to draw and I’m okay with that.


I’m still trying to get Bear to learn his first name. I think he does know it but getting him to repeat it is a tad bit tricky.

How do you keep your toddler active when they’re not in school or daycare?


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