Natural Hair Care Review: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In

jbco leave in

Can I tell you how much I love this leave-in?

I have reviewed quite a few leave-ins on here but this is actually one of the best ones and I honestly can’t rave about it enough. In fact, it’s so great, I use it on my entire family (except Sushi because, well, reasons…).


So, let’s jump right on in!


It’s a cream. It’s rather loose and not heavy.


Very light. Honestly, there really isn’t that much of a smell. Not heavy which is good if you have a sensitive nose like I do.


Cheap! I paid $11.99 for this at Target. (Note: Shea Moisture often has BOGO sales so check their website or social media accounts.)


The Routine:

I would typically use this after I shampooed/conditioned or co-washed my hair. If I haven’t done neither of those, I would saturate my hair with just plain water and add the leave-in. I typically leave it alone or if it’s extra humid and hot that day, I’ll cover it with a cream. Now I have Type 4 hair so my routine is a bit different from my hubby’s (Type 2) and Bear’s (Type 2C/3A).

The Result:


It totally made my curls pop! Now, I have the leave-in with a cream (Soultanicals) over it.

And for Bear:


It was super easy to detangle his hair! However, his hair did frizz up towards the end of the day so I would have to use a cream over the leave-in.


  • Very cheap and affordable. Under $15.
  • Shea Moisture is available just about everywhere and online.
  • It detangles  very easily and leaves hair moisturized for hours.
  • Smells light.
  • It lasts a long time!
  • It’s also great for beards. My hubby uses this a lot on his beard.


  • The cream base is loose and runny, so you have to be careful how much you’re scooping up.
  • Depending on your hair, it can dry out so you might need to use this as a part of the LCO method, instead of alone.

So, I do recommend Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner!


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