My Natural Journey: Why I Decided To Cut Off My Hair…Again.


It’s been a wild ride being a member of #teamnatural.

First, there is just soooooooo much you can do with your hair. The variety of it is astounding. From protective styles to different ways to wear it, the possibilities are endless.

Second, the products. Good Lord, all of the products. If you weren’t a product junkie before, you’ll surely become one now.

And of course, the growth of it all. Many women have experience long and healthier hair since becoming natural. Once you take care of your hair without the heat and chemicals, your scalp and hair thanks you.

And yet…I cut all of my ish off…again.

It wasn’t a form of protest. It wasn’t because my hair became unmanageable and I didn’t know what to do with it anymore.

Honestly, truly…I was bored.

Being a creative and working from home has allowed me a freedom I didn’t have in my previous corporate life. I can experiment with my hair a lot more without fear of being “talked to” or passed up for opportunities (it’s a sad fact black women have to face when it comes to our hair).

So, I decided to take liberties with my hair while I still can. Life’s too short to wear the same hairstyle all of the time, especially if I have freedom to work from home.

Of course, I couldn’t do this post without a trip down memory lane:

And for the growth post:


And numerous selfies along the way…

And now for the grand reveal…


I went to a barbershop for the cut. It was interesting being one of two girls getting a fade in a barbershop, LOL. But it was a lot of fun. I actually went to my husband’s barbershop!

I should note this is a two-part look. I hope to get my top hair braided in a few weeks.

Maks and I did attempt to dye my hair blue last night with a semi-permanent hair color and honestly, you couldn’t even tell in the sunlight. Le sigh. At least we didn’t pay too much money for it.

So, in a few weeks, I’ll show off yet another new hairstyle. How ’bout dat? 🙂


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