Finding the Perfect Toy Storage Chest is a Chore…

Trust me…we’ve been looking for a good one for years.

While we finally decided on this one (review coming later in this post), it occurred to me it would be helpful to other parents what to look for and expect:

  1. Affordability.
  2. Ease of construction.
  3. How many toys it can actually hold.
  4. How long you hope it will last.

Let’s start point by point:


We actually got our toy chest on sale and that’s something I highly encourage. If you can hold out for a bit, look for sales around Black Friday and the holiday season. If you can’t possibly wait that long (number of toys and mess might expedite your search), check your local listings. Trust me, some parent somewhere is trying to get rid of their mess.

Our toy chest originally cost $49.99 and we got it on sale for $29.99.

Ease of construction.

Some toy chests don’t come assembled and some you’re going to need some tools. Ask yourself if you have the patience to put one together. That does make a difference as well.

How Many Toys It Can Actually Hold

This, I feel, is the biggest selling point. Bear has a lot of toys so we chose one that would handle all of his toys from the smallest to the biggest. And it works!

How Long You Hope It Will Last

Any parent knows that with children, something you think might last for a while will last five minutes. Something you think will be forgotten in a minute or two, your kid is still playing with years later. Choose something durable. Bear particularly likes this toy chest because the containers are easily removable and he can arrange them in any way he likes.

I hope this helps!


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