Makeup, Dirt, and Conquer: Is Clinique the Answer?

As you can tell by my latest blog posts, I love wearing makeup. I love experimenting with my look and coming up with all sorts of cool things. I never wore a lot of makeup in the past so a part of me does feel I’m making up for lost time but you’re never too old to explore, right?

The side effect of wearing makeup is the dirty deed of cleaning brushes. Yes, you need to clean your brushes. Preferably once a week. If you haven’t been cleaning your brushes, stop reading this article and get to it. I’ll be here when you get back.

Let’s talk about Clinique’s makeup brush cleaner.


I picked this up from Macy’s recently since I was in the need for a new makeup brush cleanser after I ran out of my old faithful. I had to wonder….would Clinique become my new favorite?


Let’s get down to the review:


Most cleansers are going around $15 and this one was no exception. Pay close attention to what you’re getting for that amount. Some will charge $15 and you’re getting only a few ounces. Some will charge that amount and you have to use a lot. Buyer beware.



This is a spray. That being said, you’re spraying a lot. I was a bit surprised on how much I had to spray just to clean one brush.


If you have a sensitive nose, you probably won’t like this. I can’t describe it other than medicine-y with a touch of disinfectant. Not really pleasant, especially if I have to spray a lot.

The Review:

As you can tell, my brushes were pretty dirty so I rinsed them with water first before I applied the spray. I had to use a lot (I really don’t think having darker makeup really made a difference) to cleanse it:


Here is the end result:


As you can tell, the spray worked very well in getting my brushes back to white and they pretty much look brand new!

So, let’s recap:


  • It comes in a spray form for those who don’t like creams or gels.
  • It’s available at Macy’s online and Amazon.
  • It’s relatively comparable in price to other makeup brush cleansers.
  • It does thoroughly clean your brushes.
  • Clinique is a strong brand.


  • The smell. You have to get used to it.
  • You have to spray a lot to thoroughly clean your brushes.
  • It may not last for a long time because of the aforementioned point.

In conclusion, I do recommend the Clinique brush cleaner. However, I’m not entirely sure if I would buy it again because I had to use so much spray. The cost of the bottle was relatively comparable to others but in terms of using so much product, I’m not entirely sure.


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