Things I Love: These Awesome Shea Moisture Products!


I really love Shea Moisture. I was on the fence before but realizing what they have to offer in terms of body care, I’ve became a big fan.

So, let’s start with the shea butter soap. It’s pretty big. It’s actually huge!


This is much bigger than your run of the mill soap. I was actually quite surprised how big it is. It smells very light and fragrant. It does travel through the home but it’s not overbearing. I compare it to you walking into a room and wondering, ‘Oh, what is that? That’s nice!’

It lathers very well and cleans out nice! I overpaid for this soap (my bad) but I’ve seen it retail for as little as $4.99. Highly recommend!


The Shea Oil is a new product from Shea Moisture. It comes in a small bottle but it also says on the bottle a little goes a long way. They’re right. With only a few pumps, I can moisturize my entire body. I’ll keep you posted on how long this will last but I imagine it will for a few months. They also say I can use it on my hair but I haven’t tried it yet. Retail price is $8.99 but if you can catch Shea Moisture’s Buy 1, Get 2nd Half Off sale, it’s even better!

I have a few more Shea Moisture products I picked up over the weekend and I’ll give a review of them in due time. I’ll be reviewing the Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash and the Argan Oil and Raw Shea Butter Massage Oil.

I highly recommend these products! If you have dry skin, these are wonderful!!

To purchase the oil and soap, click here.




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