Wash n’ Go: From Sizable Disaster to Breakthrough Glamorous

I’d never done a post on my wash n’ go routine because I’m still perfecting it. Also, I like to try different products, be it something I actually purchased or a sample to use in my routine.

So, this is my first-ever (eek!) post on my wash ‘n go routine. Once I figure out how to mount a camera in my bathroom, I’ll do a video post of this.

Now we know how the game, let’s meet the players:

Of course, we need to see a pic of my hair before:

You see, I don’t mind putting myself on front street for the sake of a demonstration. I should also note I was coming out of another style where I stretched my hair by braiding it so yeah, it’s a bit wild child.

The Routine:

I received a sample of the DevaCurl Bye-Bye Dry No-Poo Decadence in the mail from Sephora. I’ve heard a lot of good things about DevaCurl so I was eager to try.


The Review of DevaCurl:

It has a light scent, almost nonexistent, that’s how light it is. The texture is creamy and smooth. In terms of slip, I felt it was kinda dry. In other words, it felt more like a masque than a cowash. For that purpose, I think DevaCurl is more for Type 2 or Type 3 hair.

I thoroughly wet my hair, saturating it, and then I put the DevaCurl on:


After letting it sit for a few minutes, I rinsed off. Then I put one of my favorite deep conditioners in, Curl Junkie.

Click on the pic to purchase!


I leave the deep conditioner on for a few minutes (5-10, the longer the better). I also use that time to detangle with a comb or a brush.

I’m going to do a separate post on this brush, but believe me when I say it’s the truth! (Click on pic to purchase.)

I thoroughly rinse out and towel-dry (I specifically state that because I know there are methods where people use an old cotton t-shirt or even a blow dryer). I didn’t use any heat on my hair.

Click on the pic to purchase.

Finally, I put on the leave-in and style my hair. The Monoi Oil is a light and fragrant scent, think coconuts (also stating in case you are allergic to coconuts). It’s also pretty thick and goes on white but dries clear. It’ll also last you a while since it comes in a sizable tub. I should also note you can use it as a deep conditioner if you like (and I’ll do a separate review on that).

So let’s review, shall we? I went from:



Neat, huh?

To purchase the DevaCurl, click here.

To purchase Curl Junkie, click here.

To purchase Monoi Oil, click here.

To purchase the detangling brush, click here.

(On that note, eventually I’m going to create a separate YouTube just for my hair styles and other Mommy product reviews. 🙂 )

I hope this helps you!


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