Off The Wall

So…is anyone ready to play the, ‘Is that a line’ game?

I’m 10 DPO. Originally I wasn’t going to test today. Actually, I was going to try to wait until Sunday to test but I figured hell, why not. So I took a test. The photo was taken within 5 minutes. The ‘I don’t think I see a line but I kinda see something’ is on the left of the control line.

And honestly, I’m not sure what I’m seeing.


Now, you might have to blow up the pic but I think I see something faint.  So I did a little tweaking to see if I’m actually seeing a line.


And more tweaking….


So I don’t know. I’m not getting my hopes up and I’ll probably test on Friday. My period should be here on Sunday or Monday. Fingers crossed and baby dust!

ETA: Unfortunately, I started spotting early this month so it was indeed a negative. Not sure what I’m going to do for next month but we might be taking a break so I can reevaluate. Pretty bummed. I thought this was going to be our month. 😦


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