Our visit to the Special Olympics!


Over the weekend, we went to the Special Olympics here in L.A. I’ve never been to any Olympic-type of event so this was pretty rad. All of the events were free and were held in different places in L.A, namely USC, the Convention Center, and UCLA. Since we were closer to the Convention Center, we went there.

We watched one sport – handball – and I checked out the awards ceremony for Powerlifting. Bear was a little fussy and quite frankly, bored, but we had fun despite him having a mini-meltdown at one point. Here are a few pics!


We had the opportunity to take a picture inside of a race car. Let me tell you…it’s very, very small and quite claustrophobic inside. I’m claustrophobic. I do well in crowds but not necessarily in small spaces (I prefer to be alone in an elevator or just me, Bo, and M.). Still, I didn’t want to look back on my life and wish I got inside the race car so I did it. Bear, however, was not feeling it. We were in the race car long enough to get the picture taken and that’s about it, LOL.


My hubby is a freelance photographer in the L.A. area so follow his Instagram (@caliwinter). Anyway, here’s an awesome shot he took of the Spain and Greece match. These athletes go hard, yo! Some of the shots were similar to basketball. Mad props and respect.



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