Styling a Biracial Child’s Hair in the Summertime!


It’s unofficially summertime and if your child has curly hair, it’s a trying time! While our hair (Type 3 and Type 4) is rather resilient, it can also be rather problematic at times.

Here are some tips to keep your (and your child’s!) ¬†hair looking fresh this summer, no matter what your hair type is:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your child’s hair moisturized. I have seen one too many biracial children with bird’s nest on top of their heads to realize it’s not a child’s hair issue but a parent’s timing issue.

There are a ton (and I do mean a ton) of products out there to keep your child’s hair moisturized. I have to recommend (of course), Shea Moisture’s Curl Milk. Another great choice is Mielle’s Curling Milk as well.

For a biracial child, you don’t want to use any oils for it will bog down the child’s hair. Oil is great for Type 4, but I would not recommend it for Type 3.

Co-washing is your best friend.

Ever since I discovered co-washing when I went natural, my hair wondered what took me so long to do it. I try to co-wash every other day or every two days. With Bear, I try to co-wash his hair every other day. He’s a lot more active than I am so he will get into a bit more mess than I do.

If you want to splurge, you can’t get any better than Bumble and Bumble co-wash. Not only is it a conditioner, but it also detangles the ever-loving fack out of your child’s curly hair. It’s also great for all hair types.

If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend As I Am co-wash or Pantene’s co-wash. Another great choice that is not readily available in stores is Head & Shoulders.


Stick it in the fridge.

It’s hot outside, yo! And your scalp is going to need something cool for it. Put your products in the fridge to cool them down. It won’t harm them and your scalp will appreciate it.

Heat is NOT your best friend.

If you normally straighten your child’s hair, lay off the heat this summer. There is no point of using heat only for the humidity to make your child’s hair poof like a mushroom cloud. For Bear, I usually have his hair air dry.


Ain’t Nothing Wrong with DIY.

Some of the best products I’ve made were just going into my kitchen or bathroom and see what works. In another post, I’ll share a few recipes, but there is nothing wrong in saving money (and most importantly, saving your child’s hair) by making your own. Heck, some of your products might turn out better than the store bought ones!

Finally, experiment!

I recommended some great products but there are a ton more on the market and they are catered specifically to curly hair. Some of them are very cheap and do just as a great job as the premium ones.

What are your tips for keeping your child’s curly hair looking great? IMG_0540.jpg


Our visit to the Special Olympics!


Over the weekend, we went to the Special Olympics here in L.A. I’ve never been to any Olympic-type of event so this was pretty rad. All of the events were free and were held in different places in L.A, namely USC, the Convention Center, and UCLA. Since we were closer to the Convention Center, we went there.

We watched one sport – handball – and I checked out the awards ceremony for Powerlifting. Bear was a little fussy and quite frankly, bored, but we had fun despite him having a mini-meltdown at one point. Here are a few pics!


We had the opportunity to take a picture inside of a race car. Let me tell you…it’s very, very small and quite claustrophobic inside. I’m claustrophobic. I do well in crowds but not necessarily in small spaces (I prefer to be alone in an elevator or just me, Bo, and M.). Still, I didn’t want to look back on my life and wish I got inside the race car so I did it. Bear, however, was not feeling it. We were in the race car long enough to get the picture taken and that’s about it, LOL.


My hubby is a freelance photographer in the L.A. area so follow his Instagram (@caliwinter). Anyway, here’s an awesome shot he took of the Spain and Greece match. These athletes go hard, yo! Some of the shots were similar to basketball. Mad props and respect.