Apples and Bananas

Why won’t this child eat?

Okay, I’m being overly dramatic. Let’s take it back a step.

You see, two years ago, I had illusions of grandeur that every expectant mother has.

Oh, my baby is going to have this!”

“Oh, my baby is going to have that!”

“I’m definitely giving my baby all organic, all the time!”

“I’m introducing nothing but fruits and veggies!”

“My baby will NEVER have McDonald’s!”


Two years later, I’ll be happy if this kid eats – period.

Bear is going through a phase now where he’ll kinda eat something and he’ll flat-out just won’t. Recently, he went through a phase where all he had was peanut butter and jelly uncrustables. Morning, noon, and night. I’m glad that only lasted a few days but believe me, it was a rough few days.

And we’re back at it.

For the most part, he eats pretty healthy. He loves his fruits and veggies and doesn’t like red meat very much.  He might eat a little of a cheeseburger or a little bit of a steak but it won’t be all of the time. He absolutely loves guacamole and would probably eat that all of the time if he could. Oh, and he loves donuts. Yeah. I’m sure his grandparents wouldn’t be too thrilled in knowing that news but hey, he’s eating something. He also loves the new Kefir pouches we just discovered at a local grocery store down the street from us.

And then we have moments where I’m thankful he’s eating potato chips for dinner, which he just had as I type this. (He took no interest in the chicken and kale tacos M. and I had, though he did have a bit of chicken.) As a backup, I do have a variety of pouches for him to eat. He’s a fan of the Gerber brand, though I prefer Earth’s Best for him. I think at this point, it really doesn’t matter. I just want him to eat something.

I know a part of it is teething and growing pains, and a part of it is him being picky. I totally get that. I also understand that kid has a mind of his own and he’ll do things according to what he wants. I get that too. I wish what he would want, however, is to take a few bites of food, lol.

So…to all of the parents out there…how do you handle your picky eaters? I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Oh…and speaking of the Wiggles…


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