Future Baby Mama

It’s Hump Day Bump Day! Let’s gooooooooooooooo!

This week’s HDBD post comes in the form of two photos:

photo (2)


You know, one of these days I will clean my bathroom mirror. This was taken Sunday.

photo (3)


This was taken Monday.

I’m showing the different pictures to show how different my shape is depending on what I wear.

How far along? 29 weeks according to LMP. Yoda, however, is measuring 32 weeks, which puts me in the eighth month of pregnancy.  Keep in mind my due date is 2 1/2 months away. While my OB and MFM are very, very happy with his progress, they’re also a little concerned that he’s growing so fast, so quickly. I go in for my glucose test this Friday and we’ll see if I’m positive for gestational diabetes. I don’t believe I am but it’s good to double-check. I also have weekly NST (non-stress tests) appointments to see if Yoda is in stress and if I need to go straight to Labor & Delivery. Yeah. Exciting times ahead, y’all.

Weight gain/loss?  -2 pounds. No weight gain at all entire pregnancy.
Symptoms: None really. No more nausea but I’m really monitoring how much I eat.
Mood: Tired and determined, no change from last week.
Sleep: Not much during the night but making up for it during the day.
Best moment of the week? Seeing a 3D photo of Yoda’s face last week. He has Daddy’s nose with Mommy’s lips. 🙂
Sex/Name of baby? Boy, no name until we see Yoda in person.
Food cravings? Red meat.
Belly button status? Still an innie but shallow.
Movement? A lot of it. Very active when I first wake up and throughout the day. Particularly active when I play opera music now.
What you miss? Sleeping on my stomach.
What are you looking forward to? Making 32 weeks!
What are you nervous about? I just want my baby to be alive and healthy.

2 thoughts on “Future Baby Mama

    1. Kinda going with the flow, really. Natural as long as possible with epidural if needed. I would prefer not to be induced. I’m not sure if the hospital I’ll deliver does water births. I thought about that as well.


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