Body and Soul

So yesterday was the big surgery. I got my cerclage.

Let’s see where to begin. I arrived at the hospital with Maks around 7 AM. After filling out the necessary ‘Oh by the way, you have a real chance of dying so we need your signature so you’re aware of that fact’ paperwork, they had a doppler on my tummy to check Yoda’s heartbeat. Once it was found and he was proven to be safe, I started to get drugged up. I had an IV inserted which took two takes. The first girl couldn’t find a good vein on my left wrist so she tried this really awkward position in my right wrist. I mean, it was at the corner of my wrist. Then she was surprised I had a bad reaction to it (according to M, I started convulsing). So another nurse came in and inserted my IV on my left wrist as presented below:

photo (7)
I know you’re jealous about how I kicked-off my three-day weekend.


It was time to pose for the camera. Yes, M took a pic of me pre-surgery:

photo (8)
Yes, I am a real person. Not exactly as I pictured as my first face pic on here but nevertheless, here I am.

A short while later, the anesthesiologist came in and told me what he was going to do me. I don’t remember his name but I do remember him being cute. I should’ve gotten a picture with him. Anyway, he explained to me he was going to give me a spinal and that I would be awake during my procedure. He then said I can request any type of music I wanted to have played during my procedure. While I love a variety of genres, I specifically chose jazz. I didn’t want any other music hyping me up. 

Before I was wheeled into the OR (operating room), Maks and I prayed. We prayed for a safe procedure, and a good outcome. We prayed that this will get us closer to Yoda being our take-home baby in November.

So then I was lead to the OR. I was given the spinal, and while it was better than the epidural I received with Ethan, it still hurt like a motherfucker. I actually started bawling when he gave me the last shot (he gave me the shot in a few different pressure points along my spine).  My body reacted well to the medicine because minutes later, I couldn’t feel anything past my breasts. I did feel sick and the anesthesiologist gave me medicine so I wouldn’t choke on my vomit.

And then it was a little blurry. I briefly remember the jazz music being played. I remember I kept praying and reciting to myself, ‘This pregnancy will have a different outcome.’ I asked the anesthesiologist if he could have a blanket separating me from the view of the operation because I really didn’t want to see that shit. For those who do want a visual, I was spread eagle on stirrups, naked from the waist down. Pretty much whoever was in the room saw my snatch and then some. That very fact made me solidify my decision into only having M and possibly the photographer we’re going to hire as the only necessary people in the room should I give birth vaginally. With this cerclage, there’s a high possibility I’ll give birth by C-section.

Okay, so back to the cerclage itself…my MFM went in and I do briefly remember being spread by something, like my vagina was spread apart. But again, thank goodness, I couldn’t feel anything. He gave me a double cerclage that wasn’t the McDonald but a Shirodkar, which is the next best thing to the TVCIC that I wanted. For those who want a visual, I did find a youtube video that I think, is similar to what I went through. I must warn you, it’s graphic.

The procedure itself took about 30 minutes or so and I was wheeled into recovery. It took almost 3 hours for my legs to regain feeling. While I was in recovery, I felt this incredible pressure on my lower stomach and my cramping was getting worse, despite receiving pain meds. I finally told my nurse, Faith, that I needed to go pee. She asked if I wanted to try using the bed pan or try to walk to the bathroom so I can freshen up as well. I told her I wanted to attempt walking.

The walk to the bathroom was eventful. A one-minute trip easily took about five minutes. Once we got there (I had Faith and M help me), I sat down to pee and well, I was on the toilet for a while. After I voided my bladder for seemingly the longest pee I’ve ever had in my life, Maks helped me clean up. I then got to change into these incredibly awesome hospital mesh panties with the long and thick maxi pads. I also got to take some home!

After the procedure, my MFM did an ultrasound on Yoda and he’s just alive and kicking like nothing ever happened. I was instructed to ‘take it easy’ , and not be in ‘bed all the time’ but to not leave the apartment. I have a follow-up appointment with him this Friday and I’m sure he’ll tell me when he’s going to start giving me the progesterone shots/suppositories.

So for those who will get a TVC cerclage in the future, a few things to note:

  • Whenever you can after your procedure and you’re able to feel your legs, get up and go pee! No one told me about that and it does relieve a lot of pressure and cramping from your lower stomach.
  • There is a fair amount of spotting and cramping after the procedure. Don’t be alarmed. Your cervix went through a whole lot.
  • Drink a lot of fluids and just keep peeing to flush your system out! My MFM told me my pee should look like somewhere between lemonade and clear.
  • And yes, take it easy. It was major surgery.

And now, we wait. I’m almost 15 weeks now so we will wait until we hit 24 weeks. That’s the first milestone. Before that, we have to cross the 22 week mark where we lost Ethan. That’s going to be tough. I am determined by faith and hope that this pregnancy will have a different outcome.


5 thoughts on “Body and Soul

  1. I had my cerclage placed at around 14 weeks,and reading about the longest pee vet cracked me up! So true!! I hope your pregnancy is uneventful as well. We lost our daughter from preterm labor in November at 23 weeks,no warning,no problems until she just decided to come. I’m praying this pregnancy goes better for us.


    1. It was! I was going forever and I’m just like, ‘Did I really have all of this inside of me?’ No one told me about that. I was cramping and so uncomfortable and all I had to do was just pee!


  2. Hi,
    Congratulations. Hope your pregnancy is uneventful. I Lost my twins to IC .I had a emergency TVC done at 20.6 week an was in hospital till delivery.on-off on Magnesium sulfate to stop contractions. but nothing helped.Delivered my b/g twins through classical c-section on apr 7,2013. Breif NICU stay . I was holding them in my arms when they passed away. I felt so guilty that i could not help them. I do not want to take chances with next pregnancy .But seems like there are no doctors experienced with TAC/TVCIC in losangeles. Do you know abt any doctors in california doing TAC/TVCIC.


    1. Have you tried the Abbyloopers group on Yahoo? They have a listing of all of the doctors that do the TAC. Dr. Davis in NJ and Dr. Haney in Chicago are the only ones I know that do the TVCIC. I think my MFM, Dr. Karimi, located in San Gabriel, also does the TAC but I need to verify with him on that.


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