Got To Be Real

Today I scheduled my cerclage for next week. I have to go in for pre-op next Wednesday and be at the hospital for the cerclage in the wee hours on Saturday morning.

It made me realize how serious this is. This isn’t a typical procedure. This isn’t a ‘Oh, it’s not big deal.’ This affects me. This affects Yoda. This affects everything. 

I am nervous, not going to lie. I’ve been looking forward to this day for the past several weeks and now it’s finally happening.


I took a self-imposed hiatus from my writing to focus on the procedure and I’m really glad I did. Now I can just focus on the cerclage itself, and the recovery. Making it past the gestation I lost Ethan, making it to viability, making it to the third trimester, and finally bringing Yoda home in November.

Very excited. Very blessed.



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