#SheaMoisture Product Review!


I received my latest Shea Moisture box. For those who are new to the blog, I’m a 2018 Shea Moisture Brand Ambassador so I’ll be reviewing a lot of Shea Moisture products.

I received the Mommy box a while back and I had to figure out if this was a box worth blogging about. Don’t get me wrong; I generally love Shea Moisture and I can say for certainty and without the brown-nosing aspect, 99% of their products are on point.

But with the Mommy box….well, I wasn’t sure.


It’s a box catered to moms for pampering, which I love. But do any of these work? Let’s go….


All Over Body Scrub


Now, the scrub is a low later body wash and boy, they weren’t kidding when they said low lather. I think they meant no-lather, but I digress. It does smell great, but does it work?

On a loofah, hell no, it didn’t. On a scrubbing brush, yes, actually.

I wasn’t a fan of the scrub at first but then it occurred to me I was using it on the wrong tool. Once I switched from the loofah to the brush, it worked like a charm but that was because of the brush itself. The shower scrub isn’t anything by itself.

Bottom Line: If you buy this, make sure you have a great scrubbing brush to go along with it. Bonus: use it on your feet or hands for manis and pedis action! 

Next up: The Massage Lotion.


I really love the massage lotion. It’s super thick and it smells great. It’s a nice, light floral with a touch of nutty goodness scent that’s perfect for spring and summer. It’s not heavy at all, and it kept my skin feeling soft and supple all day.

What I didn’t love about it was how impossible it was to get out of the bottle! Seriously, Shea Moisture, y’all need a new bottle for this.


Bottom Line: Great lotion but it really needs a new bottle.

Last: Stretch Mark Intensive Repair Oil


I loved this oil, though I have some reservations. I’m not entirely sure if it works, but I will say the skin around my tiger stripes did feel a lot more moisturized. Now, I need to be clear: this isn’t something that will get rid of stretch marks, but it will make the area around the stretch marks not feel so hard and dry.

So, maybe it did work because it did what it was supposed to do?

Bottom Line: If you want your stretch marks gone, this isn’t the product for you. If you want them just moisturized and smell great at the same time, this works great!

Overall, it wasn’t a bad box but I do believe the others I’ve received before were better. I do recommend the light scrub for your feet and hands, however, because I think it works great for that purpose.



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