This is the Good Reason Why Our Christmas Tree is Still Up


Why yes, our Christmas tree is still up on January 4th. And it’ll probably be up until January 31st. And so are our decorations! Our neighbors are used to it, though. In fact, I think they started recognizing Orthodox Christmas as well. Or maybe not.

We celebrate Orthodox Christmas, which is typically a week after traditional Christmas. We don’t give or receive gifts, nor do we still play Christmas music (though I wouldn’t mind listening to Luther Vandross’s Christmas album all year long). It’s more about family gathering and celebrating each other.

I’m not sure how much we’ll go out in terms of celebration this year. I do plan on cooking a rather big feast for friends and family and maybe buy a few more candles. Not sure where I could find straw but I guess I could be creative with some construction paper.

It would be nice to find a church to celebrate in but with a hyperactive preschooler, that might not seem like a good idea. Maybe next year.

Here are some other photos from our Christmas:

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How do you celebrate the holidays?


Christmas Morning!

Privyet, family!

I apologize it’s been about a minute since I’ve blogged. The holidays snuck up on us and well, it’s been a little crazy around here!

Anyhoo, I wanted to do a special Christmas post for a while so shout-out to the hubby for shooting us first thing in the morning. I kinda wish I did my hair and at least put on some makeup but then that wouldn’t be the fun of Christmas, right?

So, without further ado, here’s our Christmas morning:

It’s So Amazing To Be Loved

Did you sing it with me?

On Friday, it was our sixth wedding anniversary. My hubby surprised me with the most amazing set of roses! And he did a lot of manipulating and traveling to make it happen as well!

Over the week, he celebrated it by giving me small things. Ā He gave me this card –


And he gave me my favorite sweet, Sprinkles Cupcakes!


So here’s a slideshow of us over the years, ending with our most recent picture. šŸ™‚

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We were decorated by Bear.


About That Time I Landed on a Panel…What?

So, great news! Big news!

Your girl is going to be at the Mixed Remixed Festival, speaking on a panel regardingĀ Ā Parenting with Difference: Multiracial and Families of Transracial Adoption in Conversation. Isn’t that neat? I’m so looking forward to it!


Yeah, I’mĀ thatĀ excited!

If you’re in the L.A area around June 10-11, come join us at the Mixed Remixed Festival. I’ll be speaking on the 11th and Maks and Bear will be there as well!

If you’re able to, please donate to them! They’re a great cause and really good people. We went last year and we had a blast! Ā Link to their campaign is on the sidebar!


#TBT – Grand Park LA edition

From last year.

We often go several different parks in the area, though Bear has an obvious favorite park. Here are some pictures from our adventures in Grand Park last year during the winter time. Yeah, it was that warm enough where we could take Bo to the water park. I want to say it was sometime in December, given the NYE poster behind him.