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I should probably start a new category for this blog. Things pregnancy-related that just make no damn sense. This gem, I found online. If you ever needed a reason why I refuse to have a cake at my baby shower…



I have to admit the creativity of this…


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I could’ve sworn I had a post with this title already. Maybe not. I love me some Daft Punk. I’m telling you, Yoda is gonna be a Daft Punk baby.

A lot has happened since my cerclage. I went for my post-cerclage visit a week after and everything looks great so far. I received two stitches, one is a bit higher than the other. Double stitched for the 2013. We have a removal ‘date’ – 36 weeks gestation, which puts me in October, a week before Halloween. I thought that was a little early but it seems my MFM is confident that I won’t go into labor right after the stitches are removed.

Then I had a follow-up visit with my OB. Yoda is measuring great – a whopping week ahead now! That’s according to his body. According to his head, he’s actually measuring two weeks ahead. I know I have to wait for Yoda’s body to catch up with his head. I couldn’t help but to think of how both my OB and my MFM told me Yoda was going to be a big baby. They weren’t kidding. I’m going to need all the freakin’ epidural in the world. 

At the last ultrasound, we had a confirmation of Yoda being a boy. We didn’t ask, he just showed us. I mean my kid is a flat-out exhibitionist. My OB commented, ‘Oh look, there’s a water pistol!’ We don’t have a name for Yoda. We have several names listed but we don’t have one that stands out, though I will admit I do favor Jordan. Then again, I favored Jordan with the last pregnancy and the baby came out looking like an Ethan. Go figure.

I’m still on modified bed rest. I am allowed to leave the house and drive but I need to be at home with feet up majority of the time. I was told they didn’t want me in bed all day but they didn’t want me to attempt a marathon. I also cannot leave the Pasadena area. I’m not sure if I can even venture to the westside of Los Angeles (being Santa Monica, Inglewood, etc.). My OB told me he wants me to stay put in case something happens and I need to go to the hospital. In fact, if I wasn’t already working from home, he would’ve written me off work; he’s that serious. I have to stay put, so to speak, until I reach the third trimester, which won’t be until late August. At first I was bummed, but then I thought about the positive. Being “stuck” in Pasadena isn’t a bad shake. Out of all the places to be stuck in, I would rather be here.

I have a date for my baby shower! September 22nd. I spent the night last night looking at baby shower invites since I told the hosts I would take care of that. I’m sure that’s against etiquette but honestly, it would be easier for me to send out the invites since I know who I want to invite and who they are, then for my hosts to figure out who is who. Here are some finalists:

designall designall (12) designall (11) designall (9) designall (8) designall (7) designall (6) designall (5) designall (4) designall (3) designall (2) designall (1)


Okay, you’re probably thinking…12 finalists? Really, foxxy? Well, yes. That’s 12 out of the 670+ I had to go through and probably more I haven’t discovered yet. So 12 isn’t a bad number. But rest assured, this is the only pot I’m sticking my hand in when it comes to the shower. I’m leaving all the party details up to my girls. I’m the guest of honor and it is a shower for Yoda and me. I will keep all the planning details to the hosts themselves.


So that’s that. I’m writing this post in a horizontal sideways position in bed. I’m going to attempt to go and get some food later. I’m craving chicken Caesar salad. I found that Whole Foods makes theirs without raw eggs so I can go and get some there. I stayed up late to make mayonnaise chicken last night. I didn’t eat it but M thought it was delicious so that’s for dinner tonight.

All in all, I’m blessed. There are mothers out there who are in worst predicaments than I am. I have to keep the faith. This pregnancy will have a different outcome.