I’m So Bougie, Even My Tattoo is Designer

Note: This is the same review I left on Yelp. 

I wanted a scorpio constellation tattoo for a long time but I didn’t know what type I wanted. Off to Google where I found what I wanted, awesome. But then when it came to finding a good tattoo artist, well, they’re a dime a dozen here in L.A.

I stumbled upon June’s page several months back and I was intrigued. I never heard of watercoloring tattooing before but the designs she came up with were just amazingly gorgeous.

I set up an appointment with her and patiently waited. When an opening came to get my tattoo done without any consultation, I pondered if this was a risk worth taking. June didn’t seem like the run of the mill tattooer, and I’m very particular about my artwork. I decided to go for it.

I was in contact with her husband/partner, who did all of the details of my tattoo. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and he confidently told me June could do that tattoo except better.

Better, you say? Challenge accepted.


Coming to her shop was interesting. It really is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type of building. There are no neon signs, no bored tattoo artists just bumming around outside, and it’s located in an area where it’s business in front and totally residential in the back.

Upon entering the shop, it’s a completely different experience. For one, there’s no portfolios of tattoos to skim through as one would decide at the last minute what to get. There are no loud tattoo designs hanging up on the walls, neither.

June’s studio is an open space, but it’s clean. Only her artwork is on the walls (she’s an amazing artist, btw). The aura of the shop is fresh. There’s no loud music. There’s no locker room talk. There’s no profanity being slung around every other sentence.

Instead, there are small snacks on the table. Bottled water is nearby for those who want it. The sofas and chairs are comfortable. It’s like if a tattoo artist opened up a boutique. It’s a different experience from anything I’ve ever been in.

Now, let’s talk about Ms. June herself (and if you made it this far in my review, you deserve a cookie). She’s very sweet. Very quiet and most importantly, very professional.

She gave me the form to fill out and she sat next to me with the sketch of the tattoo I wanted. She was sketching the tattoo on an iPad, which I’ve never seen any artist do before. We’re in 2018 and June’s already in 2088.

She chose several different background colors and honestly, I loved them all. I told her whatever she thought would look best against my skin tone. I completely trusted her judgment.

Once we got started, June went to work. There was no lallygagging, taking phone calls, breaks, whatever. She went straight to work and the tattoo took a lot less time than I thought it would. She’s very fast and proficient.

She gave me instructions on how to care for it and I was out of the shop just about the same time I was in it. I’ve never had a tattoo artist be just so professional, but also cared about her work and the person she was putting the art on.

June is pricey, no doubt. But she is worth every penny. I hope to get more tattoos from her. I just love the experience, she’s such a beautiful soul, and I’m just really, really happy with my tattoo.

I HIGHLY recommend June Jung.


For those wondering, the scorpio constellation tattoo is in honor of my husband, Maks, and our son, Bear.

To check out June Jung, click here.


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