Warm Finds for This Winter

Okay, so you’re probably wondering how cold can it really get in Los Angeles? Well, it can get surprisingly cold. Now, we’re not experiencing any snow (I would need to drive to get to that), but I can feel my bones clack.

It was time for all of us to upgrade our outerwear. Let’s start with the parents:


I picked up this Calvin Klein gem from Macy’s. It seems puffer coats and jackets are making a huge comeback so if you want to look straight out of a 90’s Bad Boy production, get you a piece.


Jokes aside, this coat is hella warm:


And I’m a desert bunny so I get cold quite easily:


We plan to go to the snow in a couple of months so I’m hoping it’ll help then!

To purchase, click here.

Next up, Bear’s coat and sweater:


This one is also a Calvin Klein coat that came from Macy’s. Bear actually picked out the color since his last few coats were black and he wanted something more colorful.


I love how warm the fleece lining is on the inside. Bear doesn’t like to wear too many coats and jackets but I’m hoping this will protect him as much as possible (we do dress him in layers for that very purpose).

To purchase, click here.

Next up, a swanky-like sweater from Target:


I really love Target’s Cat & Jack line. They always seem to have some really good stuff. Bear also picked out this sweater with the promise he will wear it. Sometimes he doesn’t want to wear a hoodie or it might be too warm for his heavier coat, so I believe this sweater will be a nice alternative.

To purchase, click here.

How are you keeping warm for the holidays?


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