Prime Your Face

I’m rather new to the world of face primers. I didn’t know there was a science on prepping your face even more before the first touch of foundation hits it. I’m used to scrubbing, toning, moisturizing, and then the foundation.

Now I need to prime my face?


It sounds weird but it’s a dope concept. Primer smoothes out your pores, minimizing them and make your face overall smoother before you put on your foundation or moisturizer. And you only need to use just a small amount. You really don’t need to use very much.

Now there are so many primers in the world (like, really…there are new ones coming out practically every week) so how is a girl to choose what is best for her?


Try them ALL:


I’ve been a fan of the Smashbox brand for a long minute so when I saw they had a primer sample kit, well, I had to have it.

What I really love about this kit is the samples are deluxe sizes and bonus, they also last a very long time.


So, let’s walk through each one and their benefits.

First, the photo finish foundation primer (far right). This one is my favorite favorite favorite out all of them. In fact, this is the only primer I use. It’s smooth, non-greasy, and goes on perfect. You don’t have to use a whole lot to cover your entire face. This is bomb!

Second, the under-eye primer (second to right). I’ve been using this one a lot because staying up late = bags under my eyes. I also found it makes putting on concealer a lot easier and I don’t have to use as much concealer.

Next, the shadow primer (second to left). I don’t wear a lot of eye makeup aside from mascara and some eyeliner. Whenever I do wear shadow, I notice this primer helps a lot. It makes my eye area smoother and I feel my shadow stays on longer. I can’t verify it stays on 24 hours (does anyone really need to wear primer for 24 hours?) but I can say it does last all day.

Lastly, the primer water (first). You can spray your face first or last with this, giving it that dewy look. I found this comes in handy a lot during the warmer temps (it’s always hot in L.A.) when you don’t want to look caked on but you don’t want to go out bare-faced.

All Primed Up and Ret-ta-go!

I can’t leave this post without pros and cons, so let’s go:


  • You’re getting deluxe-size samples for under $30. I know sometimes I rant about how expensive some makeup can be but this really is a good deal.
  • Smashbox is a trustworthy brand.
  • You can play with one or a few of the primers at any given time.

Of course, with all good, there is some bad:


  • Some have complained about the consistency of some of the primers (cakey, too thick, etc.)
  • It might be hard to guesstimate how much primer you will use so there’s a good chance you might squeeze out too much the first go-round. And sadly, you can’t really put the extra back in. Once it’s out, it’s out.

I honestly recommend this primer kit. I think it’s a great investment for those who are new to primers and want to try several without breaking the bank.

This primer kit is available at your local (or online) Sephora and Ulta. You can also purchase it at Amazon here.


One thought on “Prime Your Face

  1. Loved this review! I don’t normally pick up smashbox since the most popular ones are silicone based, but this makes me want to give them another look!


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