New Year’s Eve

Not really, but it is.

Every year, I always treat the day before my birthday as a New Year’s Eve and my birthday as, well, New Year’s Day. You know how everyone treats January 1st as the start-over and start afresh? New year, new me, type of deal?


I do that with my birthday.

I feel every birthday is a chance of getting that glow-up on. What better way to figure out if you’ve gotten better or worse than to examine where you were at your last birthday and where you are now. If there’s been an improvement, you glowed-up. If not, you need to glow up.

Glowing up, I feel, isn’t a superficial thing, even though some treat it as such. You can glow up your appearance or you can, and what I honestly prefer, glow up your entire lifestyle. You always want to be in a position when you can look back at your life a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, and say, ‘Wow, I’ve really come a long way.’


I get it. Change isn’t for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone likes change or embraces it. Hell, I know each time there’s even a small change in some of the apps I use, I get pouty and shit so I get it.

But the change you willingly make to make your life better? Ah, man. That’s better than any stupid-ass algorithm Facebook and Instagram does. Speaking of which, are they ever going to change it back to most recent posts? I prefer that!


But enough bitching about how I missed two days of posts on IG. I’ve changed in leaps and bounds. Who and where I am this year is different from last year is so many ways. I donated my car, bought a brand-new one, lost weight (healthy way), and am seriously contemplating expanding our family.

My writing has definitely taken off and I’ve made quite a bit of coin. My credit score went up and my debt became lower.

Overall, my glow-up from 2016-2017 hasn’t been too shabby.


Of course, there’s room for improvement but that’s for a later post. I think we, as a society, spend too much time on what’s wrong with us and not celebrate what’s actually right with us.

And yeah, my health can certainly be better. I know my bank account could use a whole lot more money. I know my OB/GYN will get on me for not losing enough weight. And blah blah blah bullshit. You see my point?

Or, I can concentrate on how I said I wanted to lose 10 pounds this summer and I did. I went out and purchased a planner to keep me focused with my goals and it’s had a tremendous impact.

So, on my New Year’s Eve, I celebrate where I’ve been, where I’m am at, and where I want to be. Here’s to everyone who’s glowing up! I hope your next birthday will be a great litmus test for you as well. 🙂




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