Is Code-A-Pillar Worth the Money?


So, I recently did a splurge on Bear’s gift. He’s an only child thus far so he often gets a lot of toys and really for no reason other than he’s stinkin’ adorable and Mommy and Daddy are saps.

This is a toy Maks and I were contemplating getting for Bear for quite some time. While I’m a little bummed I overspent on this toy (I found it elsewhere for cheaper after we’d already purchased it and opened it), I am glad for the toy nonetheless.

This is a super quick video of the toy:


The caterpillar is rather loud and repetitive. There is no low volume button for it so buyer beware. It’s not recommended to play on carpet and they suggest hard floor surfaces. However, it is quite entertaining for the most part. My son is three so it keeps him occupied for at least 30 minutes which is hours in Mom-time.

Some of the negative reviews of the toy suggested it doesn’t work after a few months so I have to come back here for an update to let you know if I’ve had that experience. However, since this is a brand-new spankin’ toy, it works very well. Bear gets a kick out of the different directions he could put the caterpillar in and I hope to employ some learning activities.

So, do I recommend it? Of course! Again, buyer beware.



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