Russian Soul Sunday: Omelette Bites

Originally, I was going to make waffles. Then it occurred to me I had no flour. So, it was morning and no breakfast options…what’s a girl to do?

Google. Google it all. Google everything.

I came across this recipe and thought, hey, this is super cool. I had just about all of the ingredients at home and it was super easy (and quick) to do.

I used sausage instead of bacon and only four sausage pieces. I also modified the recipe just slightly, using only 8 eggs. It still came out perfect!

I sautéed mushrooms, onions, red and green bell peppers, and tomatoes in olive oil.


The recipe called for the muffin cups but I didn’t have the want to stuff them inside so I sprayed the dish with Pam.


Once the veggies were inside, I poured the egg and cheese mixture all over it. The mixture will seep through to the bottom and will get all of the veggies.


Voila! These came out so good. I mean, just so good! I tried to make the recipe as healthier as possible by adding a ton of veggies to it but you can do it however you like!



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