Welcome to the Divided States of America


On Saturday, I participated in the widely-organized Women’s March in L.A. While it was a march dedicated to the protection of women and everything that encompasses us (safety, health, families, gender identity, etc.), it was open to all. Many different groups showed up and marched alongside.

I saw many colorful signs, participated in many chants until my voice was raw, and had a great time with the diversity and love that is Los Angeles. It was actually one of the best protests I’ve been to.

The protest was peaceful and I personally didn’t witness any yelling or shouting matches between groups. I will say, however, while we all came together as one, there was still some division.

As I stood in solidarity and protested against a fascist leader, it made me realize that although we might be united against Fascist Cheeto, there was still a lot of division between us.

And I wondered, could we ever truly be the United States of America?


Let’s go down some of the things I’d witnessed:

  1. Majority of those who attended were white women. Before anyone gets on me for being racist or bigoted, I have to point out majority of white women did vote for President Chump. So, there’s that. However, California is a blue state and there were many signs suggesting we become our own country.
  2. When someone led a chant of Black Lives Matter, the crowd either became silent or some replied with All Lives Matter. To have a refresher on why that’s problematic, click here.
  3. Many people assumed the Women’s March was organized by white feminists when really, many women of color organized it.

I feel that while we can come against a common enemy, I still believe there is some division between us. But that’s to be expected. If you have millions of people in the world, you’re going to have millions of beliefs, opinions, and lifestyles. That’s what makes America so great – the diversity. And besides, who wants the same bland thing all of the time?


Anyway, this is a short and sweet post. Check out the slide show of the pictures I took this past weekend. I’ll have a YouTube video uploaded tomorrow.


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