Fresh Face Finds: Drugstore Bargains

Okay, I’ve reviewed high-end makeup products before but now it’s time to review drugstore brands.

I recently subscribed to YouTube beauty guru Destiny Godley, who I adore and learned a ton of makeup tips from her. She tends to review all makeup brands from high-end to drugstore and I have to say, the drugstore finds have been pretty spectacular. Though I’m not a fan of her sometimes too-obvious clickbait videos, I find her makeup tips make up for it.

So here are my reviews:


L’Oreal True Lumi Foundation:

Some people have had mixed reviews about this but I can honestly say I love it. I actually discovered it by accident. I was looking for another L’Oreal product and stumbled upon this. The foundation matched my skin tone (surprisingly) and I scooped it up at the store before anyone could take it.

The Lumi system goes by your undertones and what colors you think look best on you to get a perfect match. While I’m considered to be warm, I found the cool color (Soft Sable C6) looked best on me. Go figure.


  • L’Oreal is a strong brand.
  • It’s easy to apply.
  • It’s relatively cheap (under $15).
  • Available pretty much everywhere – Walmart, Target, Amazon, CVS, etc.


  • While it’s easy to apply, you also run the risk of applying too much if you’re not sure how much to pump out.
  • For some, it doesn’t give full coverage.
  • It might not be available in your skin tone.
  • The makeup type it suggests also may not match your undertones.

I do recommend the Lumi brand but you need to play around a little with it.


L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation:

I personally love this one because I have very oily skin and it gets oily pretty quickly, even when my face is beat to the gods. I either wear this alone or over the Lumi foundation for extra coverage and to set it.


  • L’Oreal is a strong brand.
  • It’s easy to apply.
  • It’s relatively cheap (under $15).
  • Available pretty much everywhere – Walmart, Target, Amazon, CVS, etc.


  • While it’s easy to apply, you need to be careful you don’t put on so much your face looks cakey.
  • Some with fair skin have complained the color makes them look orange.
  • My color, Cocoa, tends to sell out very quickly.

I do recommend the Infallible Pro-Matte foundation!


Shea Moisture:

I’m a huge Shea Moisture junkie so when I heard they had a makeup line, I had to try it! I tried their Illuminating Mineral Bronzer in Dusk. At first, I wasn’t a fan because I thought the Dusk color was too dark. Then I realized it was too dark because I didn’t blend. -_-


  • Shea Moisture is a strong brand.
  • It’s relatively cheap (under $15).


  • I don’t know if it’s available in stores, but I could only find it online and at Ulta and Amazon.
  • It only comes in three shades so you might either be too dark or too light for them. Now this complaint might sound silly because most bronzers only come in one shade, but I feel this is something to point out.
  • Shea Moisture’s makeup line is relatively new. (They are mostly known for their hair and body products.)

I do recommend!

So, you’re probably wondering what I looked like with all of this makeup on me?

It helps if I show you a pic of me without it:

Honestly, this is what I look like 99% of the time.

And with my face beat:



















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