Consider It All Joy

Let’s go to church for a minute…


Having a toddler means plans can change at any time. You might be set on something happening at a specific date and time only to figure out how things are going to be at the last minute.

So, we were planning to go to Bear’s first Halloween event at his preschool. Just when we were getting ready to leave, Bear decided to take a power nap. Well, we know better than to wake a sleeping toddler so we let him sleep.

After he woke up, I tried to put him in his Halloween costume and he wasn’t having it. Okay, I’ll carry it.

Then we tried to go to an event at our local community center. Nope. He started bawling his eyes out the moment we arrived.

So, we decided to skip it and go trick or treating instead. Nope. He had a monster tantrum at the train station that continued until we went back home.

Total amount of time out the home: 30 minutes.


Yeah, if you’ve noticed how dry my IG page is of Halloween pics, now you know why.


While I’m disappointed, I’m reminded of a Biblical verse: James 1:2

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

Now, you’re probably thinking…hmm, foxxy…you’re being awfully dramatic using a Bible verse to describe a Halloween that wasn’t. But hear me out. While it’s frustrating at times being a parent of a toddler (I dare you to find any parent who wouldn’t say so), I do consider it all joy. I think of the women who can’t have children. I think of those who are struggling to conceive. I think of those who are in mourning of babies lost.

You see where I’m getting at? They wish they had my problem.

While Bear’s super-awesome and brand-new fireman costume is tucked away for next year’s Halloween, and I’m super jealous looking at my friends’ various pics of their children in costume getup, I’m glad I have a child. Four years ago I didn’t have one. Four years later, I do.

And that brings me joy.



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