This is Why H&M is Pretty Wavy for You and Your Kid

So, I like to experiment with my kid’s fashion. I’m pretty conservative and basic (yeah, I’ll admit it) when it comes to fashion for myself. Honestly, I’ve always been. I never really put much stock into clothing unless it was for work.

It’s funny how having a kid is making me become a bit fashion-conscience. For one, I don’t like the idea that Bear is wearing what everyone else is wearing (though sometimes he can’t help that and neither can I). Two, there are a lot of cool stuff for little kids nowadays.

One of my girlfriends recommended H&M for me. I’ve been in it once to buy a hat but never really perused the store. It’s like an upgraded Forever/Fashion 21, if you will. Edgy, rad, wavy, with a bit of hipster thrown in.

Okay, I’m down.

What I didn’t know was how “conscious” H&M was. Now, I need to explain. Conscious in this text is environmentally-aware. So no, you won’t find anything BLM-related or anything feminist. What you will find is HLM cares about the environment. If you want to get rid of your other clothes, just bring them to the store and you’ll get 15% of your purchase. Yeah, pretty cool, huh?

So let’s check out what I picked out for Bear:

They had a Buy 2, Get One Free event on their Conscious clothing. I have to warn you, you have to buy three things of the Conscious green tag for it to count. Since it’s unofficially fall, I picked out two long-sleeve shirts and a bigger hoodie for Bear.

I was actually on my way out the store when I saw something that I was like, ‘Okay, you’re coming home with me.’


Adorable, right? At H&M for $9.99. Total spent? A little over $40. Not bad for 4 pieces of clothing!

While their website is pretty nice, I highly recommend you go inside one of their stores to check it out in person. You might find something nice! They also have a men’s section!


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