Rollin’ in My Bento – Week 2

Here the meals I prepped for Bae for his Bento boxes this past week. There are only four pictures because he accidentally left his Bento at work.


I made honey-soy baked salmon with roasted potatoes and squash.


The salad was leftover chicken Caesar from Panera (and it’s hella good!). I also made a ham and cheese sandwich. The dark chocolate and nuts are from Trader Joe’s.


The hummus and pretzels actually came from Sabra. I broke open the package and spread it in the Bento to eliminate waste. This was more of a snack Bento box as Maks had a full-sized salad with him (not pictured).


Again, this is also another snack Bento as Maks took another prepackaged salad with him.

The goal for his Bentos is to make sure there’s a different color represented. Sometimes I knock it out of the park and sometimes I have to repeat a color. I figured the more colorful his box, the healthier it is! And it’s already made a difference in his energy level and he’s already lost a couple of pounds!

How do you Bento?


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