Is Cantu Amazing For Your Curls?


Cantu Beauty has a new (well, new to me) product in their line that I happily test-drove on Bear’s hair. I did use the product on my hair but I don’t think I had the same results as his (and when I mean by the same as in my hair still frizzed up pretty bad).

Now, I have to say this before you read on, Los Angeles (and pretty much the world) has experienced hotter than normal temperatures this summer. In fact, the day I used this product on Bear’s hair, L.A. has a humidity of 70% which is hotter than the devil’s butthole.


As usual, before we review, let’s go over the basics:


Well, it’s a foam. So, it’s very light. Fluffy.


Very light. Honestly, there really isn’t that much of a smell. Not heavy which is good if you have a sensitive nose like I do.


Cheap! Another reason why I love Cantu’s line. I paid around $7.99 (I might have paid too much so it could be even cheaper than that!).

The Routine:

I would typically use this after I shampooed or co-washed his hair. If I haven’t done neither of those, I would saturate his hair with just plain water.

The Result:

I’m going to break the results down in two. First, after co-washing with Eden BodyWorks and towel-drying, I put the foam on and detangle his hair with a brush.


As you can tell, it made his curls pop! But let’s try another method. This time, I saturated Bear’s hair with just plain water, used the Cantu foam, and detangling brush. Here are those results. (I’ll post by hour.)

Again, keep in mind, this is on a day where L.A. had 70% humidity. 

First done (around 12:30 PM):


A few hours later, around 3:30 PM:


Around 7:30 PM:


So, you can tell it did hold up pretty well against high humidity. It wasn’t perfect as Bear’s hair did frizz a little bit towards the end. Honestly, I’m curious to see if there’s any product that would hold up against 70% humidity.

The Review:


  • It’s reliable. The Cantu brand is known for its quality.
  • It’s cheap. The Cantu brand is known for its affordability.
  • It’s very light in texture and fragrance.
  • I think it works best on Type 2 and Type 3 hair. 


  • While it boasts of being anti-frizz, it’s not a miracle worker. Your hair will still frizz up eventually.
  • I don’t believe it’ll work that well on Type 4 hair, as I tried on myself and didn’t see/feel much of a difference.
  • Product may be hard to find as it’s brand-new. I found it at my local beauty supply store.

In conclusion, I do recommend this if you have Type 2 or Type 3 hair. For Type 4 hair, I don’t recommend this.


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