Why Does This Boy Need So Many Clothes Now?


I’m forever buying Bear clothing. It seems just when I think I’m good for a while (read: a couple of months), it’s like, ‘Nah, bihhh….you take your ass to Target.’


Except it wasn’t Target calling me but rather, a different store. As we explored the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza¬†over the weekend, I noticed a great deal at Children’s Place. Now, it’s not a store I frequent very often. Let me rephrase – it’s not a store I frequent at all. But when you see a big ol’ sale sign in flashing lights, screaming at you in the same melody as Rick James’s “Give It To Me, Baby”, you slowly enter the store.


I picked up a small haul of Bear’s clothing –


Why yes, that is a Thomas the Train backpack in the right corner.


Bear already has a backpack but I figure since he’ll be starting preschool relatively soon, it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade. Actually, no, let me be honest…he saw one Thomas backpack before he spotted this one and before I was able to snatch it away from him, he used his magical toddler superglue hold on it and well, we have a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack.

Got this on sale for $17 and some change, down from $25. To purchase, click here.


I could’ve sworn I just bought Bear some size 3 shorts and here I am, buying him size 4. Yeah, he’s only 2 1/2 and he’s already in size 4. I’m pretty sure he’ll be in size 5 later this year. Anyhoo, these shorts were on sale! Regular price $16.99 and I picked them up for $6.99 each. To purchase, click here.

So, not a big ‘haul’ as they like to call it but it’s a haul, nevertheless. Go check out the Children’s Place. They have some pretty good deals even online!


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