Trying to incorporate Russian while I’m learning it myself is quite the task.

I’m a native English speaker. I know a little Spanish, but wouldn’t consider myself fluent. I can carry a light conversation without the use of Google translate (too much).

So, learning Russian is a task. It’s a fun one, albeit challenging at times. I try to have one solid hour each day of teaching Bear Russian since all he hears is English for the most part. As I learn more Russian, the goal is to speak nothing but Russian to him while he’ll speak English outside the home.

This is one of Bear’s favorite cartoons. The title of this post is actually pronounced pochemuchka (po-chee-mush-kah), which is Russian for ‘one who asks a lot of questions.’ That’s appropriate.

Last night, I took a video of Bear counting. I wasn’t planning to upload it but it was a cute video and decided to share with the world. I’m still not sure where the number 1 went. I think it’s in the same place where missing socks from the dryer go and those hair ties I can never seem to find despite buying a pack of 30.


He does know the numbers start with 1 (really, 0, but we’re working on that). Anyhoo, is the  video of Bear counting numbers in English. I hope to upload the Russian version once he learns it. Hopefully by the end of the year!



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