Biracial/Mixed Hair Care Review: Curl Junkie

This is a special review because I’m not reviewing a typical product one would use on children’s hair. I’m in the experimental phase with Bear’s hair, however, and as long as he’s still little, I’m going to test drive what works on his hair and what doesn’t.

(I purchased this from CurlMart so even though the above link is Amazon, you might find a better deal at CurlMart.) 

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Bear’s hair, I’ve determined, is Type 3A/3B. While the L’Oreal EverCurl shampoo works great on him, I also don’t want to get into the habit of shampooing his hair every day, especially if I don’t think he really needs it. So, I wondered…what if I used one of my cowashes, instead?

I cowashed his hair, put a little Cantu detangling spray on it and it came out wonderful! I also used a special detangling brush I purchased recently.

I wasn’t really sold on this brush at first (it promised to work on both kids and adults but after a couple of uses, it really does work wonders on Bear’s hair. It gets through everything. Everything? Ever-ree-thang!)

In terms of cowashing, a little goes a long way with a child so even if you think you might use a ton (I know I do) for your hair, it won’t be the case for a toddler or small child. They’ll probably use less than half, if that much.

So blah blah blah…I’m doing a lot of talking here but where’s the action? Here’s the proof:

In related news, I did make a shampoo vlog a while ago so once I get that edited, I’ll post that up.


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