#RussianSoulSunday: Cauliflower edition

Okay, I’m going to keep it 100 here: I was never a fan of cauliflower growing up. In fact, it ranked up there with lima beans and peas in terms of food I would never ever eat again in my adult life. (I tend to be a bit more lenient on peas but if I can avoid them, I do.)

Lately, I’ve seen a ton of cauliflower posts pretty much everywhere and people are raving about it. Yeah, the food I hated as a kid, people are raving as adults. What has this world come to?


Now, this isn’t my first rodeo to the Land of Cauliflower. I experimented with a lot of paleo recipes a couple years ago but two years ago is a long time when you have a toddler. Hell, I can’t even remember where I did with my writing notes a week ago so I’m not going to remember how something briefly tasted two years ago.

Anyway, I digress…I decided to try cauliflower one more time. Here are my results:


First, you need to chop up the cauliflower really fine or use a food processor if you have one (I highly recommend a food processor because it’s a lot to manually chop up). It should look like rice like so.

I’m very simple when it comes to side dishes so all I added was a bit of olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. That’s it.


I made mustard chicken, using one of the various Trader Joe’s mustards that was gifted to us for Christmas. And tah-dah!


For the cauliflower rice recipe, click here.

I hope you enjoy!



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