It’s Like That

To co-sleep or nah?

For a peculiar reason, cosleeping/bedsharing is a hot topic in the family/parenting world. I never quite understood why until I became a parent. There are many pros and cons and I’m sure, even if you’re not a parent, you can think of them.

But this blog post isn’t about that. It’s about our experiences thus far in the land of co-sleeping.


It wasn’t something we intended to do. In fact, Bear’s room, whenever we get it cleared out, is going to be his and possibly any future siblings. We already have plans of how his room is going to be and the layout. It’s just a matter of time at this point but I digress.

Bear’s been sleeping with us. Pretty much since he was 8 months old.

It was one of those things that just happened. He woke up for a feeding. I picked him up from his bassinet, put him in bed with me, and that’s all she wrote. He preferred sleeping either with Mommy, Daddy, or both of us. (He usually sleeps alone or with Sushi during his naps.)

We decided to get acquainted with the crib in our room. We put the crib in the corner and our bed is right next to it. There’s a full-length body pillow in between so he won’t slip through. He sleeps in his crib but since I’m still nursing (that’ll be a future blog post, btw), he sometimes comes over to our bed and sleeps with us.


Now, let’s keep it one hundred…I know your first thought is how is our sex life? Since we’re trying-but-not-trying, I say it’s pretty good. We do have other rooms in our home we can use.

I’m going to be frank – while I do wish I could put my son down for a nap and not worry about nursing him to sleep or whether he’ll wake up in the middle of night for comfort leche as we call it, I’m enjoying this time. He’s already 2 and I’m pretty sure once he starts preschool in a few months, he probably won’t want to nurse as much as he does. He also might fall asleep easily on his own. (For those wondering, he asks for the leche; I don’t willingly offer it to him.)

I guess you can say while I’m not 100% for cosleeping, I’m also not against it.

What are your thoughts?



4 thoughts on “It’s Like That

  1. I feel like we’re twinning over here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Seriously,my life. Wyatt still asks for comfort leche,and while I don’t straight up offer,I don’t refuse either. He’s down to pretty much just nursing for naps,night nights,and if he gets hurt and needs “mama milk.”
    And we also co-sleep. I love having him nearby,it eases my anxiety. It’s just..I miss a solid night of peaceful sleep. No worries if he’s going to fall out of bed,or being able to sleep in whatever position I want,and just plain letting my muscles relax. I feel like my body is tense 100% of the time,and it drives me nuts. I’m like,hyper aware of him all night,unless he’s on top of me. But damn..the snuggles are priceless!

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