I know I’m like almost a week late giving an update on this but we went to my hometown of Palm Springs to celebrate Halloween. That wasn’t the only reason. Remember my cousin who’s about to have four under four? Well, she had a gender reveal for her twins. We ended up missing the gender reveal because we were stuck in unprecedented traffic from L.A. to Palm Springs. We were stuck in traffic for almost five hours. Yeah. FIVE HOURS. It normally takes us TWO. So yeah…no gender reveal for us.

My cousin is having a boy and a girl! How exciting. I got the feeling from her husband he was done but with her it was an unsure.


We saw my family the next day and I did see my preggo cousin in all of her glory. I thought I would feel jealous seeing her since she’s Fertile Myrtle and we’re still TTC but honestly, it wasn’t a thought in my head. Anyway, we dropped off some clothing from Bear, with a promise of more to come. As I’m looking at him barely fitting a shirt that was loose on him just this year, I’m wondering if I’ll be sending those clothes sooner.

We did go trick-or-treating. I should say went trick or treating. By the time to get ready for trick or treating, Bear wasn’t having any of it. That’s okay. I went with a friend’s kid and we had a blast.


The loot. I got some good stuff this year. Bear, as we found out, isn’t that big of a fan of chocolate but he loved the lollipops.


And that was before the meltdown. Yoda as Yoda. 🙂


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