Russian Soul Sunday – Apple Butter Cake edition

So I only have two cups of flour in the home. Yeah, I just went grocery shopping, spent an insane amount of money, and I somehow forgot flour on my list. Go figure.

Originally, I wanted to make this cinnamon roll cake recipe but since it called for 3 cups of flour, I decided not to chance it. I  searched (and searched and searched) for a recipe that only called for 2 cups of flour.

Eureka! I found it! 

I modified the recipe so it doesn’t look like that but rather a rectangular cake. I had one spare apple and added some chopped nuts to it. It’s currently baking so I’ll update this post with pics and a review. 🙂


ETA: So I tried the cake and it came out so delicious! I do recommend cooking the chopped apple(s) in brown sugar and butter before adding it to the flour mixture. Also, instead of the streusel being through the cake, we just added that altogether. So the cake ended up looking like a brownie pan but it was perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee.





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