Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Memorial

Last night was the worldwide honoring of babies lost. I was scheduled to go to a program at my local hospital but Bear fell asleep and I didn’t want a cranky toddler at a service meant to honor babies. So I created a memorial at home like I do every year.


On the left, it is a Yankee Candle, my Hello Kitty keychain that has E on the shirt, my Molly Bear, and an angel given to me by my mother. A fellow angel mom gifted the Ethan brick. (I honestly don’t remember the name of the company that makes them. Once I get that info, I’ll update this post.)

It was a night of quiet reflection for me. Maks was at work, Bear was asleep so it was just me and my thoughts. Actually, no. I had Pulp Fiction playing in the background, but still…the rest of the home was quiet.

I leave this post with one of my favorite pictures of me pregnant with Ethan. He’s hiding underneath.



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