After the Love Has Gone

Sometimes I’m Black Betty Crocker. Sometimes I’m just Shitty Crocker, LOL.

So remember that recipe I posted yesterday? Well, things turned out interesting.

Now, the recipe had European measurements which meant I had to spend more time Googling that I’d originally intended. That’s fine. I can still do a little something something.


So the first thing I had to do is chop up the mushrooms and sauté them. No biggies. I got that!


Next was making the actual pancakes. They’re supposed to look like crepes. Since I’ve made crepes before, this was a no thing to me.


Now, I’m not a genius by any means but I’m pretty sure these aren’t crepes:


Hmm…these definitely aren’t crepes:


And even Bear agreed:


What are those?

But luckily, his curiosity turned positive:


Are you going to take a bite?


Yay! And he actually swallowed!

So yeah, it wasn’t a successful night but hey, the pork roast turned out great and I got to use the pancakes for dessert and breakfast today. Not all was lost. 🙂


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