It’s Been Awhile

Let’s see it’s been about three weeks since I’ve last updated. Well, a lot has happened since then. Namely this: To fully tell the story, I have to backtrack a little so bear with me here. Saturday, November 9 Over the weekend, I saw my OB and had a special trip to Labor & Delivery … More It’s Been Awhile


This kid is stubborn. So it’s been almost two weeks since my cerclage was removed and well, I’m still very much pregnant. It wasn’t too bad except for when I suddenly fell sick. I didn’t think it was a big deal but apparently my OB did. I saw him today and he checked me. The … More Scream

Future Baby Mama

For those wondering, Future Baby Mama is the title of a Prince song. I love Prince. Have you ever seen him perform in concert? Ah-mazing! You really need to go check him out sometime in this lifetime. It’s Hump Day, Bump Day…let’s goooooooooo!   How far along? 38 weeks, according to LMP. Weight gain/loss?  None. No … More Future Baby Mama

Rock the Casbah

So much to do and so little time… Or maybe a lot of time….who knows at this point? I started researching babysitters/caretakers. Since I’m a writer, I plan to take a few weeks “off” to adjust to motherhood, but plan to be back in the swing of things come January. My situation is a bit … More Rock the Casbah