Future Baby Mama

I’m a day late and dollar short but I didn’t forget about this post. This one is special because it’s my BARE belly. Yeah, BARE. Stretch marks, dirty mirror, and all.

photo (3)l

How far along? 35 weeks, according to LMP.

Weight gain/loss?  None. No weight gain at all entire pregnancy.

Symptoms: Getting cankles. Ew.
Mood: Calm before the storm? I was feeling very overwhelmed for a while but now I’m fine, just prepared now.
Sleep: Not much. Been getting up to go pee a lot more now.
Best moment of the week? Getting a lot more baby swag.
Sex/Name of baby? Boy, leaning towards Bogdan.
Food cravings? Macaroni and cheese. I’ll eat that as a meal and that’s it.
Belly button status? Still an innie but shallow.
Movement? A lot of it. Very active when I first wake up and throughout the day.
What you miss? Sleeping on my stomach.
What are you looking forward to? Making 36 weeks!
What are you nervous about? I just want my baby to be alive and healthy.



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