The Sweetest Love

I’m typing this post as I deal with morning sickness. Yes, morning sickness. You see, I didn’t know I could get morning sickness again in the third trimester. It makes sense once you think about it: as the baby grows, your stomach shrinks, making it impossible for you to have full meals anymore. It does make it possible, however, to get rid of the meals you did have like I found out this morning.

So I just ate some cottage cheese and fruit and ugh, full again. I hope the food stays down there this time. It’s going to be interesting to eat now. I really have to monitor how much I eat. I’m supposed to have dinner with my cousin and her family in a few weeks. Oh boy.

Let’s talk about why I’m typing this post as I originally intended – the sweetest love growing inside me. M has gotten more comfortable with the fact that Yoda will be coming home in less than three months (don’t judge him, as an angel parent, the fear never quite goes away), and purchased a set of books from the local Russian bookstore for all of us.



The book on the left is a series of Russian fairy tales. The one in the middle is for yours truly since I need to learn Russian like pronto (#dontjudgeme). The last book is for M.

Let’s take a look inside the first two books (click on the picture for a bigger view):

photo (2)


So beautifully done. I hope one day to read this to Yoda. For now, it’ll be up to M to do it.

photo (3)


This is for me. Now you’re probably wondering, ‘Okay, y’all have been together how long and you’re just now trying to learn Russian?’ I do know a little Russian and can hold my own in a conversation if the position presents itself. I think Yoda and I will learn it together. Maybe he can teach mommy some words?



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