I’m Lovin’ It – Yoda at Week 17

Yoda is 17 weeks today (well, yesterday). Let’s check on his progress!

According to babygaga.com:

Don’t look now, but… your baby is EVEN bigger, cuter, AND smarter than last week!

Yes ma’am, your fantastic little bean stalk has added yet another half inch to their overall height – making them nearly half a foot long!

Their little limbs have nearly reached their proper proportions and will continue to grow evenly with the rest of the body from here on out.

They’re now becoming capable of hearing and reacting to sounds even though their ears are not yet structurally complete or fully functional.

Meanwhile, different parts of your mini-Einstein’s astonishingly complex brain are developing to process your little one’s hearing and other senses, (you know, sight, smell, taste and touch).

Mind boggling factoid of the week: if you’re having going to have a little girl, her ovaries have already produced millions of primordial egg cells, which, within a few weeks, will develop into actual eggs! Phew… just wait till she’s a teenager eh?

And what size is Yoda this week?



Yoda is an onion this week!


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