Rollin’ in my Bento

Last week, I debuted Bear’s bento (click here for a refresher). This week, I’m debuting Maks’s.

I purchased the Skater Japanese Modern/Traditional Compartmental Bento Box (ooh, try saying that three times fast!) from Amazon. While I was a bit skeptical about it because I loved Bear’s so much, it turned out to be a hit with the hubby!

And as a result, I ended up becoming more creative with his lunches:


I specifically made the pasta salad for his lunch. It turned out great! Recipe here.


This is what I made just last night (if you follow me on IG, I did an Snapagram story on it).

I also pack a banana and an applesauce for Maks in his lunchbag, while Bear’s bento box remains the same. He’s a toddler so he’ll snack all day on little things and he doesn’t need a whole lot at this time.

I am going to start a new series called Rollin’ in my Bento (get it? I’m such a goober) to show what I put in my baes’ bento boxes and share recipe ideas.


Russian Soul Sunday – Chocolate Chip Scones

I love baking. I’ve always had a love for it, back when I was a little girl. I was always in the kitchen baking something. My mother even gifted me two small cookbooks when I was younger because I loved to bake so much. I’m the type to take three apples and make a miniature apple pie because I want something yummy in the home.

So now I’ll present to you some pretty damn good scones


Unlike the last Russian Soul Sunday post where I took you step-by-step, I’ll show just pics of the before and after. The dough does come out very wet despite what the recipe says (and other reviewers agreed), so you’ll be dropping pretty wet spoonfuls on the baking sheet.

The scones, however, do come out quite huge:


So you might want to use a knife to cut them in half.

My review – they came out pretty yummy. My only complaint was the dough was much wetter than the recipe advertised, even if you use the correct measurements. Flouring the cookie sheet is highly recommended.

These scones go great with a hot cup of tea or coffee or a cold glass of milk.


Russian Soul Sunday – Salmon Edition

I love to experiment with different foods because it’s nice to wake up your palate now and again. I learned a few years back I have a penchant for spicy and sweet – think chocolate and pepper. I also like to combine different things to see how they’ll turn out.

I found this recipe and I was a little taken aback by it. You see, it doesn’t have exact measurements. You kinda have to guess what something is based on your taste preference.

I was up for the Pepsi challenge.

The recipe called for Dijon mustard but my in-laws (yeah, those inlaws) recently gifted us some food items during Christmas. Seeing I have an overload of mustard in my home (not a big mustard fan), I decided to use at least one of them.

I present to you, Exhibit A:


It actually comes in a set. I’m not sure how much my in-laws actually paid for this in the store, but I don’t think it was as much Amazon is selling it for. Anyway, I decided to try one out. I never had truffle mustard before so I was game to try it.


I mixed it with the brown sugar and spread it over the salmon. I normally cook salmon face down, skin up (I feel it cooks better that way and the skin is easier to peel off doing so) but the recipe called it to be cooked right-side up. Here are the results:


Nice and brown!

Now let’s check for some sides. I decided to do kale and my husband’s leftover Russian salad.  For the kale, I never eat it plain. More power to those who do. I always put some type of dressing on it.

First, we need to crinkle up the foil so the kale cooks in the grooves (this is also a good tip for cooking bacon in the oven!)


Next, I sprinkle the soy sauce on it. Soy sauce, no matter if you use the regular or light-sodium version, is very salty. Use sparingly. You can also use whatever flavoring on kale. Another version of this is just olive oil and sea salt.


It appears not to have that much soy sauce but trust me, it’s plenty.

Now let’s take this out of the oven:


I cooked the kale for almost 15 minutes but I think next time I’ll lower the time to 10-12. It’s crispy but soft and I feel that’s perfect.


Tah-dah! The salmon with kale and my husband’s Russian salad!

The goal for every family meal is to make sure everything is a different color on the plate. (I also do the same method for Bear’s lunches.) It’s easier to go by that instead of ensuring people are eating the right amount of veggies and vitamins.


Russian Soul Sunday: One Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

I actually discovered this recipe by accident. A while back, I only had one egg but I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. Can I tell you how much I love Google? Anyway, I discovered there are a ton of recipes for one-egg chocolate cookies! But I found a personal favorite.

I usually make these without the baking soda (for some reason I can really taste it when I cook so I just omit it out completely), salt (not much of a salt person), and I add cinnamon, nutmeg, and crushed nuts. It’s really awesome.

So ’tis the season to be sharing some yummy recipes! I hope you enjoy!


Happy Feelings

Russian Soul Sundays.

It was a term M. and I came up with when we first got married. We would have one day a week where we’ll have soul food and Russian cuisine. It was a great idea at first and we did employ it a few times. Then after a while, laziness (I’ll keep it real) came in and well, Russian Soul Sundays was out.

Now, it’s back!

As Bear gets older and we’re trying to expand our family, I want our kids to recognize both sides of their identity. I don’t want them to be unfamiliar by collard greens, Russian salad, or the like because we never had it in the home. I want them to recognize a kale leaf as much as they would be familiar with sweet potato pie or pierogis.

Today I’m cooking pork pot roast with a side of nalystnyks. Personally, I’ve never made nalystnks so this is going to be an interesting experiment. Originally I wanted to include fried chicken as the main course but since we just went grocery shopping, I’m making pork roast. I might include some black eyed peas as another side to make sure we have a filling dinner.

This would be the part where I’ll include pictures but since I don’t have any (I’m still cooking), you just have to take my word for it. I’ll post an update tomorrow or later today as to how it turned out. I’ll probably create a special category just for this. 🙂

Happy Sunday, fam!