Week of Holiday Makeup Looks! Are you serving good lip?

It’s been a long, hot minute since I’ve done makeup posts and since I’ve acquired some new makeup, I’m going to spend this week talking about my new makeup! Are you ready? Let’s goooooo!

Just as a warning, I might be posting the same photos since I’m wearing two new makeup purchases on my face, namely my blush and foundation. The focus of these photos are my lips. Muah!


Let’s start off with a picture I literally just took yesterday! LOL. The shade of lipstick I’m wearing is from DOSE cosmetics, Kiss of Fire. I’m usually apprehensive about wearing red lipstick because sometimes it just doesn’t look good on me, point blank. Some of the colors might be too orange or too pink. I felt this one was actually just right.


My lips are also courtesy of Dose Cosmetics, but I combined two colors: Chocolate Wasted and Goalz.


Lastly, the lip color on my resting bitch face (smile!) is courtesy of NYX cosmetics. I’m wearing Praline. I’ll be highlighting a lot of different NYX colors throughout the week.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet makeup post on Christmas Eve. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!



Makeup Review – Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip


I like to experiment with my lip colors for the simple fact I have full lips and they tend to draw a lot of attention on their own without me doing anything to them. Awesome.

Now let’s get down to business. Today, I’m test-driving the Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Brains N’ Bronze.

Ooh, that was a mouthful.


It glides on very smooth, and honestly, you don’t have to use very much. Now, that is not to say you don’t have to reapply throughout the day. I think I had to reapply one other time but that was mainly it. Not bad, huh?

Now, it is thick, so that’s a plus. However, the thickness of the cream can be too much for some. You might feel like you have heavy lips if you’re not used to it. Many consumers have complained how gooey and sticky the formula is. The color, I feel, makes up for it and it totally brightened my face!


Here’s another look inside:


Now that we’ve met the players and saw the game, what’s the score?


  • Available online and at Sephora, Ulta, and other beauty suppliers that carry the Smashbox brand.
  • Heavy pigmentation
  • Beautiful, vivid colors.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Glides on easily.
  • Very creamy.


  • It’s pricey – $24 USD. A definite splurge.
  • Consumers have complained how gooey and sticky it is.

All in all, I do recommend it but as I mentioned above, if you’re not used to heavy pigmented lip creams, this might not be for you.

I’m going to be reviewing a lot of lip colors, glosses, sticks, and what have you. If there’s something you want me to review, just drop a line in the comments and I hope to purchase it for review soon! 

Is BlackUp Cosmetics Fantastic for Your Lips?


I’ve meant to use this meme for a while and finally found the reason for it.

Anyway, this post is about BlackUp Cosmetics. While it’s catered to women of color, it’s unclear if it’s actually Black-owned (I heard it was and then I heard it wasn’t). Recently, I test-drove their Lipshine in 08.


Here’s my review:


It’s pricey. It’s $19. This is a splurge. 


Doesn’t smell like anything and that’s a great thing!


It spreads pretty well but not sticky or gunky. Very smooth.


Another Look:

I deliberately took the photos outside and in good lighting so you could see how it would look.

My review:


  • It’s from a brand catered to women of color.
  • It does last a long time and I only had to reapply once.
  • It’s a perfect daytime color.


  • It’s pricey – $19.
  • BlackUp is only available on its website or sephora.com.
  • Some colors may not mesh well with your skin tone.

All in all, I do recommend BlackUp so give them a try. Again, because it’s pricey, this is a splurge.

Can You Be In the Nude?

As I’ve been experimenting more with my lips, I found that I have a small penchant for the nude lippy. The barely-there-but-we-can-all-tell-you’re-wearing-something-on-your- lips-and-OMG-I-so-want-that-look color.

So, there are three nude-ish colors in my arsenal that I like. Let’s start –

NYX Praline



It gives a shimmer color and it goes on very smooth. I like this because it has brown undertones that highlight the golden ones in my skin.

NYX Rome


This is a new one for me. It’s a matte lip color and I found out the hard way (because I normally don’t wear mattes) is that you need to have conditioned lips before you put the color on or your lips are going to feel like bricks. I highly, strongly advise you wear some type of lip conditioner or chap stick underneath.

To be honest, you should get into the habit of having conditioned lips regardless if you’re wearing a shimmer, a matte, or just plain because your lips need to be taken care of. Andplusalso, drink a lot of water. It does help prevent chapped lips. (Moisturize from within!)

My favorite is just an old standard – Burt’s Bees (found in any drugstore and retails for about $4). If Burt’s Bees might be too pricey for you, there’s also just regular Chapstick ($2) or Carmex (as little for 99 cents). For a designer lip conditioner, my favorite is MAC lip conditioner that retails for about $16.

Rome has a lot of pink in it (think rosy and not neon), so it’s a very soft color. I would say this is very much a “daytime” lip color.

Both Praline and Rome retail for about $5.99.

MAC Shockolate and Oh Baby!


I used Shockolate for the base and Oh Baby! as a shimmer top coat. It pairs well together. I haven’t used Shockolate by itself but when I do, I’ll be sure to post a pic of it. I plan to do another post re brown colors.

Both colors retail for about $16 each.

What nudes are your favorite colors? What would you like to see me explore? Sound off in the comments!