Daily Kneads Bread is Really About That Life

Recently, I received a very generous gift from the great folks over at Daily Kneads bread. Now, I’m going to keep it one hundred like I always do – I never heard of them. So, naturally I was a little apprehensive about trying a product I never heard of. 

But YOLO, right?  … More Daily Kneads Bread is Really About That Life


Rollin’ in my Bento

Last week, I debuted Bear’s bento (click here for a refresher). This week, I’m debuting Maks’s. I purchased the Skater Japanese Modern/Traditional Compartmental Bento Box (ooh, try saying that three times fast!) from Amazon. While I was a bit skeptical about it because I loved Bear’s so much, it turned out to be a hit … More Rollin’ in my Bento