Makeup Product Review – Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty


I know I’m hella late on reviewing Fenty Beauty. I know this. But better late than ugly, right? My makeup bag says so:


You can purchase that bag here.

I’m sure you have heard all of the rave (and not-so great) reviews of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Boasting of 40 shades, it has been revolutionary in the world of makeup and literally something for every skin shade.

Naturally, I had to try it.


I went to Sephora to find out what my shade was (and I highly recommend everyone do that because you might think you’re one shade but really you’re another one entirely). The great saleslady at Sephora helped me and got it right the first time! Score!

Of course, this was some months back when it was sold out everywhere so I had to wait a few months (and also why this review of it is late). I have to say, though…I’m quite impressed!

It goes on very smooth and has no smell that I can tell (I have a sensitive nose, a side effect of my pregnancy with Bear), and it’s deep in pigmentation. It’s literally the perfect shade for my skin tone and I don’t have to play the mix and match guessing game with so  many other foundations. I say Fenty Beauty is right up there with my beloved Iman and MAC Cosmetics.

But the proof is in the pudding, right? So, let’s do a before pic of me with no makeup:


This is an oldish pic of me (taken Last December) but trust, I look like this every day. All day, every day.  Dark circles and all.

Now let’s see a pic of me all glammed up and what-not:


Lovely. The magic of sleep and a great concealer. I’m 440, for those wondering.

So, now that we’ve met the players, and saw the game, what was the score?


  • Affordable. It sells for $34. So, yes, it’s pricey if you’re used to drugstore makeup, but it’s not going to break your bank. It also lasts for a long time even with every day use.
  • 40 Shades, yo! There is literally a shade for everyone.
  • Deep pigmentation. It makes your skin look better. Flyer. Hotter. Fresher. Hell, you can just wear it alone and you still be poppin’ flavor and drippin’ sauce.


  • It’s not available everywhere. You have to get it at Sephora (online and in all stores) or Fenty Beauty online.
  • The foundation does come out a bit runny so you have to be careful on how much you pump out. For me, it’s usually 2-3 pumps.
  • You have to shake the liquid foundation every time you use it. If you already have liquid foundation, this is a no-brainer because they actually say that on the bottle (Fenty does, too). Now, this is not really a con but more like an annoyance. Sometimes if time is running low, you just want to put it on and not worry about shake-shake-shake your bottle.

I do recommend it! No question. Give it a whirl!



Mixed Chicks’ New Makeup Line Stunned Me Beautiful

Summer is the time I think most women like to experiment with their looks. One, it’s too hot to be doing anything heavy. Second, sun-kissed is the way to go. Let that melanin shine (and if you don’t have a lot of melanin, get your tan on!).

Click on the picture to purchase! 

Mixed Chicks recently came out with a makeup line and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by it.

It’s small so you can easily put it in your pocket.

One end is foundation while the other is bronzer.

So now we see how it is, let’s see how it looks:

As you can tell, it blends in very smooth.


I didn’t mean to look shocked here; I was trying to focus on the makeup.

And the end result:


It blends it very smooth and easily. Now, let’s take a look at the bronzer:


I mostly like to highlight my cheeks and give it that sun-kissed look.


So, let’s review, shall we?


  • Small, and very compact.
  • Goes on smooth.
  • No funny smell. (Actually, no smell at all.)
  • It comes in five shades.
  • It’s cream-based.
  • A little goes a long way.


  • It’s cream-based so that might be a concern for those who don’t use cream foundations or bronzers.
  • Pricey. While I got this one at a discount, it retails for $22.
  • It comes in five shades. If you’re in between shades, you might either have to buy one lighter and one darker to blend or go to the darker shade.

All in all, I do recommend Mixed Chicks foundation and bronzer!